Do you want to feel empowered to take care of your family with natural products derived from Mama Earth and not a lab? doTERRA Essential Oils are life changing. You can use oils daily to help your digestion, immune system, mood, hormones, sleep and so much more... you can even use them on your dogs! 

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Heather Swint

Board Certified Health Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate


Essential Oils

Essential Wellness for Sleep

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 
Do you feel worn out all the time?
Do you feel like it is impossible to take care of your loved ones and yourself at the same time? 

You have no idea what to cook for dinner, again. 

You just need a good night's sleep.

You feel like life is on permanent fast-forward.

Enough already. 

All of this stress leads to dis-ease. Gut health is compromised, immunity dips, sleepless nights happen far too often because you can't turn your mind off, and you are finding less and less time to do the things you love. 

I know, because I have been there. I know that there is a steep price to pay when you don't put yourself first. I struggled for YEARS with insomnia, IBS, anxiety and a myriad of other ailments that all seemed disconnected - until I started to put the pieces of my life back together and take care of me.  

Ask yourself...

Have you tried every single diet out there and still have zero clue how to feed your beautiful body?

Do you look in the mirror and feel sadness and shame? Or do you avoid mirrors all together?

Are you in low-level pain all. the. time? 

When you wake up, do you put your feet on the floor and say thank you for another day or are you dragging yourself out of bed dreading the day? 
Are you depriving yourself of self-care, nourishing food, down time, and self-love?
Is your gut more bloated and more clogged than your email inbox? 
Are you tired of the drama in your life?
Do you experience vague, but very real, symptoms like fatigue, poor concentration or memory, digestive issues or mood swings?
Has your doctor said your test results are in normal range, but you've been feeling anything but normal or healthy for quite some time? 
Sleep… when was the last time you had a good night's sleep? When was the last time you took a nap when you felt like you needed to - or do you just push through like you always do?
Are you coping with your lackluster life with wine, sweets, pills or worse? 
Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Do you feel like you’re just hitting the “Repeat Program” button on this treadmill you call a life?
Are you ready to take action now before things get worse or you do end up with a scary diagnosis? 

Sister, it is time for holistic health coaching if you see yourself in these questions. 

In a holistic health coaching session, we will dig deep to get to the roots of your issues.  Together, we will get real, talk about the obvious stuff (like diet and exercise) and the not so obvious stuff (like family drama and facebook) to find solutions that work for you. One thing is for sure, you deserve a fabulous life - you really do - and if you don't feel fabulous then book a health coaching session today. 

Let's get to know one another:
One Time Session: 1.5 hours $70 

no obligation for more sessions, this is a one-time thing unless... you want to keep going... then... 

Let's kick it up a notch and get your spark back: 

Six 1 hour sessions, 6-week program: $250

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I have read all the self-help and diet books. I have spent many, many hours on the yoga mat. I dove deep into the study of nutrition, attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and received my Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition. I got curious about essential oils and now I use them daily on myself and my family.

Now, I want to empower YOU with the same knowledge that got me out of the gutter. 

Don't let a health crisis stop you in your tracks. Be proactive. Take care of you now. You are worth it. 

Get out there and shine - the world needs you! 



Are you waking up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep? 
Are nightmares plaguing you?

Do you start to get anxious as bedtime approaches?
Have you tried sleeping pills and feel hungover the next day? 

I have solutions. 
I have been where you are and I know it is not fun. 

I did not sleep for years and I was a walking zombie - it sucked. I was grumpy, sad, fearful and my brain did not work properly. 
Thankfully I found oils, meditations, yoga poses and new habits that redefined bedtime for me. Instead of having this looming fear of bedtime, I started to pamper myself into sleep. It worked, and the nightmare bedtimes ended and peace became my new friend. 

And I will teach you how to do the same. 

Let's get you out of the nightmare land of the walking dead and into the land of zen nights and magical mornings. 

The Essential Wellness for Peaceful Sleep program will cover all of the bases you need to get the sleep you need to have the life you want. You will get the essential oils and supplements proven to facilitate a peaceful nights sleep, minus the racing mind and nightmares, and you will wake up refreshed - not hungover. You will also get three one-hour coaching sessions with me to drill down on why you are not sleeping, reduce anxiety during the day, revamp your nighttime routine and have a friend that has been there to hold your hand through this profound lifestyle change. Additionally, you will get two yoga videos tailored to getting a good night's sleep and two audio meditations to not only get a good night's sleep, but to kick your day off on a positive vibe. 

Essential Sleep Therapeutic Essential Oil Package:
Juniper Berry: calming, grounding, urinary support, respiratory support, calms mind and banishes nightmares 

Vetiver: very grounding, sedative, reduces anxiety, increases oxygen flow to the brain

Lavender: all things calming, reduces stressful feelings, eases mind, relaxing 

Serenity Restful Complex Lavender essential oil and L-Theanine along with lemon balm, passionflower, and chamomile to gently promote relaxation and sleep. This is a softgel to take before bedtime and wake up refreshed, not groggy. 

Wholesale account with doTERRA is included, 25% off all doTERRA products for a year with no minimum order required

$105  wholesale + shipping and tax

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Aromalite Diffuser: 
A great essential oil diffuser is necessary for your new nighttime routine. Hands down the AromaLite is the best diffuser on the market. It is silent, efficient and runs for a solid 8 hours which is perfect for you and your new bedtime routine. You need these oils to be in your system all night and this diffuser is the best way to make that happen. Include this with your oil package for best results.

$89.95 wholesale + shipping and tax

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Yoga and Meditation:
Gratitude and magic will greet you first thing in the morning and sweet self-care will lull you into bedtime with these yoga videos and meditations. I know all the right moves to simmer down your monkey mind at the end of the day and magical mornings start with stretching and meditation. Two yoga videos and two meditations are included in this add-on. 

$50 with the purchase of the oil package

Your Personal Sleep Coach:
I've been where you are. If I had someone to hold my hand and support me during this rough time, then I would have been much better off and gotten over my insomnia much quicker. I want to give you that priceless support. Together we will drill down on the root cause of your sleep issues, create new sleep habits and make your mornings magical. Three one-hour coaching sessions are included with this add-on. 
$150 with the purchase of the oil package and yoga package

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